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Putting your e-mail address on your web-site or blog

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Through RSS subscription on i use this I found a great freeware app (OS X, AFAIK no version specified) to put your e-mail address in javascript code reasonably safely. It is called Enkoder and it's a free app from Automatic.


I should say try it and see if it reduces your e-mail spam, while people still can contact you directly via e-mail.


Some comments


Enkoder uses strong obfuscation to hide the code, so it is hard to read your e-mail address from the HTML source code of a web page or blog page.


Because it is runnable javascript code, you can't use it in forum posts or in comments on blogs and so. However, most blogging software uses a weak form of obfuscation to hide the e-mail addresses of commenters, which could be easily cracked, but I guess most e-mail address collectors are too lazy to write appropriate code and go for the easier targets when scanning the web (HTML code containing an e-mail address that is plain to see and recognize). Nevertheless, I should be cautious to use your primary e-mail address in comments, but that another subject altogether.


Of course, if this type of obfuscation Enkoder uses becomes popular, I'm sure Automatic (or anyone else) will create an even harder to crack method to hide the e-mail address from plain sight. For now, this seems to be a safe way to prevent your e-mail inbox from being flooded with spam messages once you have put your e-mail address on your website or blog. If you use plain HTML code you'll be up for grabs.


The app asks for a piece of text to be entered as your link text, but you can enter html text as well, e.g. an image tag using your own online e-mail image, like this image on one of my Dutch blogs (in the left collumn on the third line from the collumn's bottom):



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