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[DropDMG] Issues to watch out for.

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!!!-I have not used DropDMG so I don't know if this applys but a word of warning from similar types of solution.-!!!


If you loose any of the segments or if they get corrupted then you loose the entire collection. What I would love to see is an app that breaks a file in to segments of the same type... ie if I have a 3.2G MPEG2 then I could break it in to 650M MPEG2 files... that way you can still use all non corrupt segments.


Also, if the app that splits dumps to a format that is propriety then you will need to keep a copy of the version that you split with, this will allow you to rebuild your split collection.


I did a quick run thru of the manual and I don't see any of these issues addressed. Though I think that the 'idea' is a good one, but it's one that should be used with caution.


Happy Mac-ing!



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