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Checking Battery Capacity

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There's a lovely little app that I use to check the capacity as well as the amount of charge in my iBook's battery.


This programme is called coconutBattery (http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutbattery/) which shows the current charge, the current capacity and the original capacity of the battery:




As you can see, my battery is doing well considering my mac just celebrated it's 1st birthday just 2 weeks ago! Sometimes the battery capacity even exceeds the original specified battery capacity, this is mainly because I 'recondition' the battery every charge cycle, leaving the iBook to die before charging. The only real reason for this is that I'm often too lazy to get the charger but it does seem to be a good thing.


The time where the battery is at 92% was because I hadn't used it for a long time and then I was charging it intermitently.


I recommed this app for anyone wanting to try and get more battery life out of your Mac laptop. It also includes a dashboard widget and is a Universal Binary.



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