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I run a mac mini solo on tiger, i have paired it with my sony eircson K750i, but i can't make it register when one of my contacts calls, it says "Unknown Caller" even when the person is in my contact list. I figured i have entered in the wrong format, i live in the UK, can someone tell me what format i should be using to do this? or any other ideas of what the problem might be...




didn't mean to make two topics, honest mistake, please ignore

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Sorry for my ignorance in this area, but are you using a 3rd party app to display numbers or is this some built-in feature you are working with. I guess I don't understand the question. :huh:

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Source: Apple.com


"And if you’ve got a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone, Address Book automatically syncs with it, alerts you when you’ve got an incoming call and displays the Caller ID information."


so, basically, if you have a bluetooth mac and phone, when your phone rings it will check the address book and cross reference the call with any data stored in the address book, however, it looks like you need to store numbers in a certain format for this to work


This is all out of the box, no extentions or plugins


Its not like a critical issue that will make my life easier, just a nice feature to have as i always miss phone calls when i am messing about in iMovie, so, an alert that comes on the screen with accurate information would be nice

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