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Automated Signal Switching

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Anyone know how to find, seek, write a script/workkflow that will allow me to help the other mac users in my office? As we slowly absorb the 50% Steve says are coming into our fold, I am one of the few mac folks already here, and somehow I am expeted to help with the transition...




to avoid all the complaints I get about "why do I have to click that, too" and "what do you mean I have to change signals to access this other device..." I am looking to find a workaround or something to automate all of our lives...


oh, to have a script or folder action that will automatically change a user's WiFi connection [say, from signal AA to BB] once a symlink is clicked so their mac's can actually see the drive(s) they are trying to open [again, folks like signal AA or BB but want resources that are actually networked to signal CC or DD or what have you... and they don't know better)


... can I help the new Mac user just click once and learn the skill at a later point?



anyone help here?





thanks all-


NYCOB :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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should I take this to mean it can't be done?

is everyone on vacation?

usually a much faster response time and solution here.



anyhelp, folks?

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