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First and Second Macs

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I wanted to buy a Mac Mini when they first came out but at the time I couldn't merit spending the money, so I held off and kept looking.


I was then a little put off by all the roumors that Apple had reved up the speed to 1.5ghz but as I couldn't guarantee that I'd get my hands on one I again held out.


Until that was I heard of the move to Intel. When the Intel Mac Mini was released my interest was rekindled but it was not until Bootcamp was released that I made the plunge.


I found out about Bootcamp one Wednesday and by the Friday I had the computer in my hands. How it actually happened was that I was in John Lewis in Southampton and they had a 1.66 ghz model in stock.


Trouble is I live in Glasgow and I either had to take it with me on the flight home or hold off again. This time though I decided that it was a mini and as such the box couldn't be that big so I bought the machine and took it back with me. I love it. :D




Since then I decided I wanted a Laptop and when the Macbook came out I bought one again from John Lewis (this time in Glasgow) but unfortunately the first one I received had a locked pixel in the centre of the screen so it went back the next day.


I had no problems getting a replacement and I have to say that this one is superb. B)


Over the past few weeks I've uninstalled Bootcamp from the Mac Mini and have decided to install it on the Macbook which allows me the best of both worlds as I can use OS X whenever I want but can resort to XP when I need to use the Laptop for Work.

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I also got my MacBook from John Lewis. I buy almost all of my computer equipment from them. I am getting this MacBook replaced for another one tommorow because I had the same problem as the MBPs had with whining. They are even swapping the extra RAM that I put in it out and into the new one!



Gret service.

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