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Xserve Question

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I recently acquried an older Xserve for the use of my school's podcast. The problem is that I don't know how to connect to it to see the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Connecting a monitor to it is completely out of the question because it is in the basement (of the school) under lock and key. Also, if anyone knows of a tutorial site for Xserves for beginners, that would be appreciated.


Thanks for your help!



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I would guess VNC or aRD, you'd if you know login, get chicken of the VNC and put the IP address of the server and the username and password see if that lets you. if not you need to see whoever admined the server before you acquired it.


In regard to tutorial sites, you best bet is do what ever you want yourself, do abit of googling and check the apple support KB first just so you know what you want in the end. in the event of something going wrong the forums would be your friend. -- I don't like tutorials i find you remember it more if you find your own way to do things.



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Thats a link to download the server admin tools, if you have an earlier version you may have to search round the site to find the relevent one though.


These sit on your local mac (on my macbook pro in my case) then you can connect to the server as jackt said by IP and password etc. They're are pretty self explanitory if your reasonable technical, I learnt everything from playing around on mine.

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