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Importing Audio into a Garageband 3 Podcast - Help!!!

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I've recently switched to a Mac after nearly 15 years of PC use, what a great desicion!


Just trying to get to grips with Garageband 3 at the mo. I've started a podcast that I want to use as a demo to my editor (i'm a journalist for a UK Guitar magazine) to give him an example of what a real podcast would sound like.


I've recorded the vocals of the show, added the backing music from the Podcast library, but now want to include clips of amps and pedals from manufacturers websites as an example of what it would sound like if we did reviews and recorded examples ourselves (but don't have the equipment to do that at the moment).


I control click on the files, download them, but when i try and drag them from itunes in the media browser they just disappear. Am i making a stupid mistake?


any advice would be welcome.


Love the show, listen all the time.





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You will need to create a new track and it should be set up as something quite generic that is user input such as vocals of some kind as far as I remember. That said I haven't played with GB in months :D

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