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Self-Defense Show - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let you all know that EPISODE 012 is up and ready to listen to. It has 2 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS contained in it. Thank you to all the listeners on MacCast that support the show. Here is your chance to win something from the Self-Defense Show. Listen to episode 012 to find out more.






Comments Voicemail: 206-600-5520








The Self-Defense Show - Hosted by Professor Charles Hepburn II and his wife Christie, this is a podcast about personal protection, safety, violence survival, counter-crime measures, security, and self defense. Although we talk about dark subjects, we try and inject some humor into the show to lighten things up. This is NOT karate or martial arts... this is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and realistic self defence advice and information to save yourself from crime and violence. There will be at least 2 new episodes per week. If you would like to email us, please do at selfdefense@mac.com





A Podcast is like a radio show (that most anyone can make with a standard computer) that's aired or published to the internet. Each episode of the show is contained in a .mp3 (audio) file that you can download off the person's website (whom ever is doing the podcast). Additionally, you can "subscribe" to a podcast much the same as you can subscribe to a magazine. Then, anytime a new episode is released, it will automatically download to your computer and be ready to listen to.


To do all this is very easy. All you need is a "pod catcher" (my term). It's a piece of software that let's you download, subscribe, and browse the many thousands of available podcasts. By and away the most popular software for this is Apple's iTunes. It is totally free, works on both PC and Mac computers, and is super easy to install and work with.


All you need to do is:

1. Go to: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

2. Install iTunes on your computer

3. Go to: http://www.SelfDefenseShow.com

4. Click on the "Podcast" link at the top of the website

5. Click the purple "Subscribe" button in the upper right part of the webpage


Blam! Your done! iTunes will open up and give you a subscription to the show. iTunes always organizes all your podcast episodes that have been downloaded into its "Podcast" section; it's the purple icon on the left most pane of the iTunes screen. You will see that you can download more episodes of that specific podcast by clicking the "Get" button besides each line of listing under the podcast name.


If you would like to see what other podcasts our out there (there's at least 5 on any given subject in the world)... in iTunes, make sure you are in the "Podcast" section, and click the "Podcast Directory" link at the bottom of the window. This will take you to iTunes Music Store Podcast listings, where you can search for podcasts of your interest.


The very best part of this whole thing, is that everything is FREE! Nothing to buy, no strings attached. You can really find a lot of amazing podcasts out there; put out by normal everyday people, and by big commercial broadcasters too (like ABC, NBC, ESPN, etc.)


Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope this helped :-) Welcome to the wonderful world of podcasts :-)



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