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powerbook just shuts off

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hey all,


I've got a 3yr old 17" Powerbook. Now I'm gaving some major battery issues. W/out being plugged into a wall outlet, I seem to get about 30minutes of power. Then I don't get any "You are Now Running on Reserver Power" warnings, it just shuts off. And on top of it all, the batter meter still will be showing 50% or so. Also, pushing the battery testing button on the battery, still shows 3 lights. What gives?



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Three years is about expectable for a battery to die. My Titanium's battery behaved similarly around that time. The problem with it shutting down is that you probably haven't calibrated things lately, so the logic in the battery doesn't understand that its capacity is very much decreased. That's why it's going dead while still showing 50%, and then shutting down. The computer isn't warning you because it doesn't know the battery is low. The fix for this is replace the battery. Apple's are expensive, but I've been happy with the NewerTech replacement batteries you can get here:


They're cheaper than Apple, and have higher capacity too.

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