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Superdrive Problem

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This is on my dual G4 1.25Mhz Mirror Door Power Mac


My Superdrive seems to have lost half its mind. Here's what happened:


I put a DVD movie into the drive and closed the drive drawer. DVD Player

started (usual behavior) and then nothing happened. I waited a bit

and then discovered that the DVD Player was not responding, so I did

a Force Quit.


I ejected the DVD and then put it back it. DVD Player did NOT start,

but rather, the DVD was ejected. This behavior continued after a



After some further investigation I have discovered that my Superdrive

will not read or write DVDs. It is OK with CDs, however.


Any ideas of what I might do to fix this problem? I'm out of ideas.

Or am I going to have to recplace the Superdrive?



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I had problems with my SuperDrive, a Pioneer DVR-109 that I added to my old PowerMac G4 desktop. I pulled it out, got on the Pioneer website and checked the warranty on the drive, and it was still under warranty. I called them directly and they replaced it after I sent it in for them to look at.


Sometimes the components have different warranties, so you may want to pull it out and check.



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