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The Dead Herring

2x512mb 667mhz DDR2 SDRAM SODIMMS

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I was a complete sucker and paid £140 for two sticks of 512 mb from the apple store in London. Now the system that they were used in for a week has gone back. I need to make back at least some of the money.


I have checked and can pretty much confirm that they will work in all the intel based macs apple are currently selling apart from the Mac Pro. It is unlikely that any older macs will take different RAM. But just in case, before purchasing please check that 667mhz DDR2 SDRAM will work in your machine.


They have only been used for a week. I upgraded from the 2 256mbs in my MacBook to 1gb with these two 512s and it made a hell of a lot of difference. I had never used a mac with any more than stock ram and this extra power really did shine through.


I would like to sell at £50 each or nearest offer.


Remember this is apple RAM. Memory which is I believe to be best in its field.


Here is chance to get Apple quality, without the apple prices.





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Just so you know, apple doesnt make ram. It is probably the cheapest ram apple could find in bulk.


Apple charges 60 pounds per 512, ( although they have a single 1 gig for 120). So, Someone would get a VERY GOOD DEAL on this RAM. I would get it, but i dont know if you will ship it to me in the US Joe :)

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