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Timeframes for Mac Pro upgrades?

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As I am planning out the purchase of a new Mac pro, I am wondering about when to expect new versions to be released. I know that there are 2 big apple events every, the next one coming sometime next spring, and that major new releases of software and hardware are unveiled then. What about incremental upgrades of processors, prices, etc? Should I expect to see Apple roll out new versions of the Mac Pro line any time soon, or is next Spring the earliest I would see anything new?




- Tim

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Apple seems to update its PowerMac line about once a year but rarely at the same time each year. G5's PMs came out in late 2003 but were updated in mid-2004 and then early 2005 (then again in late 2005). Then the MacPro came out in mid-2006. I'd expect to see new models before WWDC next summer, possibly (though probably not) at MacWorld in January.


I'm still holding out for a single Core 2 Duo (not Xeon) model at a price between the iMac and the MacPro. I know, I know, wishful thinking.

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