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Help, my mate needs a new computer...

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....and before I just tell him to go and buy the latest Mac Pro, thought id just run it by you guys first.

I think he's looking at a Media Centre PC so he can replace the TV. Just want to make sure all the functionality of the Media Centre, could be achieved on the Mac.

Also, there's the linux issue, is it possible for him to run linux programs from within the Mac OS.


Anyway here's the requirements in full



1. Must run linux programs, especially abcm2ps

2. Big hard disc to contain my entire cd collection

3. Fast action to run dvds (low latency)

4. Quiet working (PSU silent fan for CPU)

5. State of the art sound card to reproduce midi files accurately

6. TV card and TVR (MPEG) to record programs, listen to fm radio etc

7. DVD writer/reader

8. 19" TFT monitor to watch football games in real time

9. Wi-Fi card




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1. Some Linux/Unix programs actually exist in versions for OS X's implementation of BSD (Darwin) and Apple's X11 environment. You can use Fink or Darwinports package managers to see what's out there. Besides that, there's always Parallels to install and run Linux distros. Ubuntu works pretty nicely on my MacBook that way.


2, 3, 4, 7, and 9 the Mac Pro can definately cover. Wi-fi isn't a stock option though, so make sure you choose it as you customize.


5. I'm not sure about the Mac Pro's audio capabilities, one of the forum's audiophiles will have to field that.


6. I think El Gato's EyeTV is the usual Mac solution for that


8. You could get an Apple Cinema display, but it doesn't really matter. He can buy whatever monitor he likes.

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