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Disable Keychain?

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Right, I love how keychain remembers everything, but I have to keep typing in the same password in every app and webpage i go into,


Is it possible to just make keychain log you into everything all the time and not request confirmation, cos i am willing to take the risk that no one will steal my laptop as it never leaves me isolated room in the countryside of scotland

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It shouldn't do that...


First, open the /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access application.

Select your Keychain in Keychain Access's window and select "Change Settings for Keychain..." from the Edit menu. Make sure you haven't set it to lock again automatically.




Select a specific password that's troubling you, double click it, go to the Access Control tab, and make sure you either allow all applications to access the item or (better) you Confirm but list the application (such as Safari and Mail) that should access a specific password in the list at the bottom.




If that isn't the problem, open Keychain Access's Preferences and go to the First Aid tab and repair and reset it. (Backing up your home Libary/Keychains folder would be prudent.)




By default, your Keychain password should be the same as your login password and the keychain should open automatically when you log in and stay unlocked. You can set it to lock after inactivity or system sleep or both thru the Settings dialog.


(I keep two Keychains with Keychain Access. The login keychain keeps relatively unimportant passwords (such as this forum) and stays open. A second keychain has passwords that access more sensitive accounts, and re-locks itself after 10 minutes.)

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