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  1. If you're a big audiobook fan with an ipod touch - be careful. Take a look at http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?...17&tstart=0 I'm not sure if it is all ipods but there is something odd with at least some (mine included ) that means that the audiobooks button crashes the music player. The only workaround at the minute seems to be to create custom playlists - but with 503 items in my audiobook list (couple of books with one file per chapter) that gets very fiddly. (edit: fixed url to point at start of thread)
  2. Chris Searle

    Misbehaving Mac

    Yes - I know its vague. That's pretty much the issue - if I knew more about what apps it could be (as in remember what I installed when) then I'd have a better clue as to where to look. This machine gets used as my home box (net/mail), photography (aperture etc) and as a development machine for work. I've had all sorts on (and taken off again) since I got it. Including app enhancers, beta versions of development environments, the lot. I guess what I was hoping was that there was some info as to what areas of the system could cause this kind of issue. Particularly the arrow keys locking apps - that has to be at either the OS/windowing level or in a common library - since it isn't app specific. Really just hoping that someone would recognize the symptoms I guess
  3. Chris Searle

    Misbehaving Mac

    I have a MB pro - on which I have way too much installed At various times I've tried various customizing software, program extenders etc. I'm trying to put off reinstalling the box until Leopard gets here - but - this is getting hard to work with. Two main issues: 1) Some apps don't start, some crash constantly. All that get far enough to leave a crash report have this in common: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xb0425dd0 (Note - the address changes). 2) Now - this one is an oddity. Sometimes - the machine will start OK - but - pressing an arrow key on the keyboard hangs the currently focused app. You have to force quit. Seems to affect Mail.app and iTerm.app the most - but occasionally others. The only way to fix this seems to be to run a full applejack after a single user boot and clear out all caches etc. If the machine at any point fails to shutdown (once in every 5 or 6 boots) and you have to power cycle it then this is guaranteed to happen on the next boot. Does anyone have any clues on what could be causing either of these two? Oh - note - happens to all users - it's system wide. If I do have to reinstall - I can easily put a clean OSX in, install the missing apps etc. But - any good advice on how to make sure you don't lose personal data ? I know I can backup my Library directory - but - I'm kind of hoping that at reinstall this should be slimmed down a lot (loads of stuff there that I don't need). I'm thinking that I need to make sure I keep mail, keyring, etc. Any pointers to best practice appreciated.
  4. Chris Searle

    Coverflow (video) artwork cached?

    Turned out to be my own fault When I had several movies in the same set - I had set the album field to the same (the name of the set). What does cover flow do with album art - yes - it grabs the same art for all items in an album. Removed the album setting and all movies are now showing their own cover art in cover flow.
  5. Just wondered if anyone has a clue on this one? I have several .mp4 videos (h264 codec) imported into iTunes. iTunes by default sets a frame (the poster frame) as the artwork. While playing the video via iTunes - I get to the image I want as the artwork and choose "Set Poster Frame". In iTunes - in the get info window, in the artwork viewer (bottom right) and in grouped with artwork view the new poster frame is used as the artwork. But - in Coverflow view it shows the image that iTunes chose when it originally imported the file. Any clues as to where this might be coming from ?