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Best Printer for an Mac Mini, Macbook Pro (running Lion), Macbook, iPad 2, and iPhone 4

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Hi Everyone,


I have another question this new year (2013.) My printer, an old Hp (when they still came out in white and grey) seems to be dying. It keeps saying that I have a Cartridge Jam. The cartridges seems to fine and there is no paper or anything else jammed inside. I've had it since 2009. So, I do give the printer applause for lasting this long! ❤❤❤


That said, if it doesn't randomly start working soon. Can anyone recommend the best printer that will work for the following Apple Products:

  • Mac Mini (Running Mountain Lion)
  • Macbook Pro (running Lion)
  • Macbook (it's the little white laptop)
  • iPad 2
  • iPhone 4

I'm looking for the best printer, which is wireless enabled. (In other words, we could print directly from the Macbook/Pro) It would also be great--if this printer had a color option. (The ability to print quality, color photos from google images and those taken with the iPhone 4.)


I've considered this: http://www.amazon.com/Hewlett-Packard-PS6520-Wireless-Printer/dp/B008FCAA2S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358202058&sr=8-1&keywords=hp+6520+photosmart+printer


However, it has some mixed reviews. If there's a better Hp or Epson out there, please let me know. (Even if it cost more) :) Also, I believe my family will be satisfied...if this printer could print wirelessly just from the laptops. (Not necessarily the Mac mini, the iPhones, and the iPad 2.


Thank you so much for time,



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it's been a while since I had to purchase a printer. usually I look to the traditional reviews for what might be the "best". the only thing missing is the long term use. which is ALWAYS missing from reviews.

other places to look (out) are Amazon and NewEgg. I read the negative reviews first. and then I read the 4 dot reviews. finally, you have to check the drivers on the manufactures website to see when they were updated. if it's really old that printer might be either a) out the door B) really, really good or c) not worth anyones time.

one thing to note is that MOST printers can work "wirelessly" when plugged into an Airport Extreme or Express.

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One thing to note is that ANY printer can work "wirelessly" when plugged into an Airport Extreme or Express.

This is not so as seen here and as confirmed by Lexmark in the case of the Z1300 model (shown in the linked page) which I have. My previous printer - an HP - did work so but wasn't ideal as the driver couldn't report supply levels et cetera.

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